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Monday, 30 April 2018

Creativity is intelligently having fun

Working for almost 8 years in Creative department. I'm sort of familiar with all of the creative process behind every concept. Sometimes some ideas just not good enough but sometimes it also can be very fascinating. The most important thing behind all of them are the creative habit that we should create naturally in daily lives. Now let me share to the world what I've found from lot of creative people which I've observed thru the years, in order to fill our brain with creativity which will improve our life in sort of a fun way to spent time.

Creativity is important, not only for artists or some writers, but also for people who work in professions such as business, architecture, science, engineering. The world we live in today is driven by innovation, and in order to have innovation you need creativity. Creativity is not something that only a lucky few are born with, in fact, it can be develop. Here are some ways you can inspire, refresh and enhance your creativity.

Get out of a routine

Routine send your brain into a comfort zone, when you do the same things every day, go to work the same way, eat the same food, read the same newspaper, your brain goes on autopilot and stopped being stimulated by fresh perspectives. Try to keep things fresh, do things differently, take a different route to work. The freshness will stimulate your mind keeping it active, leading to more creativity.

Be curious about your environment

Creativity happens when the brain is stimulated, and your environment are the most stimulating one. Think of babies, your parents, friends, or even your cat. everything around is missing you, they are filled with curiosity and they will love it when you bring them to explore everything possible. See the area around you as a tourist would see it. You might see something new and it might spark a new idea.

Mind mapping

Are used to generate and visualized ideas, they are a brainstorming technique which help to show connection between concepts. Often leading to new creative ideas. Write a central concept on your paper, add branch words which are related to the central concept. Use lines, colours, arrows, branches or some other way of showing connection between the ideas generated on your mind map.  Write quickly, try not to limit yourself. Leave lot of space so you can back later and write more ideas. You will be surprise on how mind map can move you towards a great idea.

Go outside your usual circle

Talk to people, you wouldn’t normally talk to. Expose yourself to new perspectives, to different points of view, imagine how someone totally different from yourself would deal with the challenge. Creativity arises from the differences perspectives and opinions between people. Get out there and mix with new people.

Return to childhood

Children see the world differently, and often see the most surprising creative things. Put yourself in that world. Spent time with children or just do something that you use to do when you were kid. Find a way to bring back the child in you.

Ask “what if” questions

What if questions can take you to creative conceptual journey, who knows what crazy ideas that you might come up with. What if a 12 year old boy could drive cars ?, what If a toaster could make cheeseburger?, What if your ex back to you?, What if your parents didn’t recognize you anymore? What if?.


Did you know, writing something daily will exercise your brain and help develop its ability to produce new thoughts.  You might not find values immediately, but sometimes when you come back to your writing, you can be inspired to have new fresh ideas. You will learn something new and you also avoid falling to that rigid daily routine.

Stay healthy

Take care of your body and your mind will stay sharp. Exercise to keep the blood flown into your brain. Get enough sleep. Sometimes dreams bring creative result. Many creative thinkers are claimed to have came up with their best ideas because they were inspired by a dream. So get all the sleep you need.  

Creativity has helped us evolved into the society we are today. Strengthening your creative muscles is something that can help you in all aspects of your life. Try these things and see if you can see that creative ideas flowing, you might have the next great idea that changes your life.

Sunday, 24 September 2017


The history of man is a history of power and ambition. The famous leaders of the past were often power seekers. Trying to gather as large a number of people as possible to rule. Some were called tyrants, but many were called the great leaders. But they all share that ability to achieve power, and to keep it.

Nicollo Machiavelli, famous writer and political philosopher from the Italian renaissance, wrote one of the most famous guides on how to achieve power, and how to be a successful ruler.
His idea have inspired debate for centuries, because he claimed that in order for a man to achieve power, and hold on to that power, he must be ready to use whatever methods necessary. And since his book, “The Prince” was first published, The name of Machiavelli has been associated with ruthless politics, manipulation and the achievement of power by any means. In order to maintain his state, a prince is often forced to act in defiance of good faith, of charity, of know how to do evil if that is necessary. 

Today, the word "MACHIAVELLIAN’’ is a negative term. Use to describe someone deceitful, manipulative, and who will do whatever it takes to achieve their political goals.

But did Machiavelli really have such as a cynical view of power and politics? 

Machiavelli lived during a time when Italy was tormented by vicious leaders and power struggles. He had seen Italy experience years of political chaos. Machiavelli believed that what his country needed was stability. His book, "The Prince" was written as a guide for how an ambitious prince could achieve power and maintain that power in order to bring stability to his country. He believed a strong leader was necessary to bring about that stability, and he believed that any actions to protect the country's stability, even actions which were cruel or tyrannical were justified.

The 26th chapters of the Prince discuss the qualities a leaders should have in order to keep his power, Machiavelli offers this advice to a Prince. 

POWER. a leader should have a strong military and be willing to act fearlessly. 
REPUTATION, don’t be concerned with having a good reputation, STABILITY and STRENGTH is most important. Not whether the prince is loved by his people.
GENEROSITY, it is better to be stingy than generous. People who are ruled by a generous prince will only become greedy for more.
FEAR. Fear is more powerful than love. Machiavelli explains. 

"It would be best to be both loved and feared. But since the two rarely come together, anyone compelled to choose will find greater security in being feared than in being loved. Avoid hatred. A leader who is respected by his people will have stronger protection than from having strongest army. Additionally, a prince who avoids hatred from nobles is less likely to be challenged by conspirators. Be a fox and a lion. Be clever like the fox, who is able to discover a trap. But show the courage of the lion who is able to drive off the wolves." -The Prince-

Were Machiavelli’s ideas, a how-to guide for tyrants or a realistic portrayal of politics? Well maybe a little of both, whatever the case, Machiavelli’s idea have had a profound influence on leaders throughout history.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Jimmy Cliff's ambience

I'm walking on air once again.
It's chirpy, i can't complain.
My spirit rises again.
For now i guess I'm ready to start from the beginning to the end.

For a bright, devoted future.
People told me, life gets though, life gets rough, innit son?
Well, it depends on your mind, i said.

With no f***ing doubts around it.
Entirely sure, now I'm ready.
I've been waiting for this time to come.
Not a pleasant time to wait, to be honest.
but at least I was giving a shot.

Like messages to Rudy,
To stop messing around and fooling around.
I'm coming to my "final solution".

Three or perhaps four flip-sides coming by,
But catching a ship across the sea never be an facile thing to do.
aye-yi-yi, i said to those fisherman, cheerfully.
It was not my milieu, man.
As you know, I used to be Tireless-Midfielder.
Not an Advance-Playmaker, bollocks. lols.

Analogy, analogy and analogy.
Always suits best for me.
Yeah here it comes, the rainbow I've been praying for.